Southern Illinois is covered in crawl spaces. But is your crawl space covered?

The air in your crawl space makes it up into your home through the “stack effect”. Therefore, it is extremely important, with the demand in better air quality increasing, that we address the issues inside our home as well as under it.

Crawl spaces naturally get damp and flooded because of rise in water levels in the ground.

We use 12 mil reinforced anti-microbial lined moisture barrier to keep your crawl space clean and dry. We go above and beyond Ameren specifications to efficiently reduce energy costs by installing and securing the moisture barrier well above 1’ beyond the water level in your specific crawl space. We will install the moisture barrier according to manufacture specifications by mechanically fastening the moisture barrier to your foundation in the proper manner. This is important to properly defend against mold and moisture problems that exist in most crawl spaces today.

Our combined 37 years of experience in moldy crawl spaces will ensure that you get the best service for you and your family. With energy savings starting at 16% and up, our moisture barrier installation will pay for itself in savings.